My two quick panics of the day? Apps and LORs?

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My two quick panics of the day? Apps and LORs?

Postby Progress01 » Sun Nov 17, 2013 5:27 pm

The whole application process successfully stresses me every week, but today I have two big panics that I can't seem to find answers for and wonder if you guys have any insight:

1.) I'm applying ED at one school, and they say on BOTH the application on LSAC's website AND on the school's admissions page on their website, "Early Decision applications must be complete by November 15th, and all materials (ie, LORs, Transcripts, etc) complete by December 1st". So...My application reads "all required forms are considered complete" in this green box--I finished them all on November 15th. Does that count? My LORs and GPA CAS won't be complete for a while longer, but the application itself is complete...So, did I make it by the deadline, or not? I wish there was clarification on this somewhere. HELP?

2.) Letters of Recommendation: I was suppose to have two professors writing me academic LORs. However, I got an email from one last week saying he had a huge medical emergency and is going to be on medical leave until further notice and will be unable to write me (and the other 3 people CC'd on the letter) a letter of recommendation. I PANICKED. I need at least ONE letter of rec for that app that has to be completed December 1st. The other professor, I haven't heard from in a couple weeks. How long, once they submit the letter, does it take for LSAC to put it in your file? Typically? Also, any advice on to where to dig for another academic letter? I was never super chums with professors, and all the teachers I picked were the teachers who knew me best/were also my professors for my junior level writing intensive classes.

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Re: My two quick panics of the day? Apps and LORs?

Postby jaesonko » Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:00 pm

It took about an hour or so for my LOR to show up after my professor submitted it online.


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Re: My two quick panics of the day? Apps and LORs?

Postby whyeven » Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:40 pm

Ha. Penn?

You're fine - thats the point of the Dec. 1 deadline. Your essays and everything you fill out need to be in Nov. 15th, but the GPA and LORs (other people's stuff) just has to be in by the 1st.

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