stupid question... is the WHY X essay part of the app?

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stupid question... is the WHY X essay part of the app?

Postby willmendel » Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:57 am

I'm trying to do a few Why X essays for some top choices, but I don't see them in the app.

I see a few optional essays for most places, but I'm on my 5th app and none of the optional essays are clearly "why X". Is this actually part of the app, or is it just something that schools know people will send in on their own, later?

Or is the "why X" essay just considered to be the optional essay that asks the question that's the closest?

i.e. most schools have 4 optional essays, saying like, 'how will you contribute to the diversity' (diversity statement) and one saying 'write a thing if you think your test scores/gpa aren't reflective of your ability' (gpa addendum) and then one other one with a random topic (tell about when you were a member of a team, or tell about a professional triumph, or tell about a time you were inspired by someone else, etc). None of these are clearly the why X

But then most schools have one last question that's kind of close. it might say "We believe in "VALUES". How do your goals revolve around these values?" or something. This isn't the why X essay, right? I'm guessing I send it separately?

If it is the why X essay, how do I bring up things like how I have ties there or something, if that's clearly not part of the question?

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Re: stupid question... is the WHY X essay part of the app?

Postby TheJanitor6203 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:01 pm

Some schools actually require one. I know Tulane, Houston, and SMU all do. Most schools don't though and if you want to do one, you should just upload in one of the spots for an addendum or optional essay.

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