Applied for 2012 / Trying Again for 2014

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Applied for 2012 / Trying Again for 2014

Postby Dolorous Edd » Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:37 am


    ·Omit questionable and only academic recommendation?
    ·Defend crap GPA with no good excuse and no positive trend?
    ·I don't have great sounding reasons for going to law school. (might not even go if accepted at 'right' schools)


Hi all -- looking for some advice on how to improve this time around.


I graduated in 2009. 2.97 GPA (flat trend) / 177 LSAT / mediocre softs.

I applied in 2012 and missed NU (I think deferred, then waitlisted, then I withdrew), which was my main choice. Got a half ride at WUSTL, which I considered but decided against.

I had just under 2 years of work experience when I applied. I have been working since, but it looks a bit spotty because I've been working on political campaigns, though I have freelance work filling in the gaps. I've been working at a media firm for the last couple of months, which is work I really enjoy, but I'm not sure I'm committed to a career.

NU is my main choice. I'd likely attend UVA of GULC at sticker as well. WUSTL I'd do near a full ride. It's been a couple of years, but are there some other realistic options of similar quality?

Help Me

There were likely plenty of weak spots in my application, some I can control.

I got an academic recommendation last time around, but I'm really not confident in the quality. I was apathetic and distracted in school. I have no good excuse. I did ok in the class with that prof, but it had been awhile when I asked for the LOR and I wasn't close with him. My other two LORs are solid in my opinion. Both with bosses I worked closely with. One is with a federal elected official and I maintain a close relationship with them. Honestly, I basically got to write these two.

Should I consider omitting the questionable LOR? I assume I should get the other 2 updated?

My GPA is obviously a problem. Economics/Sociology at a good school, but not bio/chem/engineering. My trend is basically flat. I have no good excuse unless I really want to bullshit.

Should I just not bring up GPA? Emphasize academic qualities in my work through my personal statement, LORs and interviews?

My big problem I think is that I'm not completely gung-ho about becoming a lawyer. I actually met with a couple transactional lawyers at big firms and some lawyers working in smaller practices. All of it sounded really interesting and like work I could find satisfying/stimulating. Of the few classes I did enjoy in school, law related classes were often among them. One big reason I'm interested in law school is I'd like to prove myself academically (hey, I'm smart!). Even if I get in at NU, I'll have to do some soul searching to determine whether It's actually worth it for me.

I'm a lazy, apathetic procrastinator. I'm not great at articulating what I want out of life or speaking passionately about things. This worries me for the quality of my PS and interviews.

I'm pretty sure my best bet is to fake it somewhat. Embellish/elaborate on the reasons I do have for going to school, prepare as much as possible for an interview, and get lots of help on my PS. But any advice here is appreciated.

Thanks for anyone who reads all that. At least I got my thoughts in one place. Any advice or helping me get my ass in gear is much appreciated!


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Re: Applied for 2012 / Trying Again for 2014

Postby haus » Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:49 am

It is unlikely that you can do much regarding the past. Fortunately the overall trends appear to moving direction that should be better for you. I suspect that you may find a school that will make you an interesting offer, but I have no idea if it will be something that you will want to do.

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Re: Applied for 2012 / Trying Again for 2014

Postby francesfarmer » Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:07 am

To answer your questions:

I think most schools require at least one academic LOR, so you're most likely stuck with your current letter. It's probably fine. It won't make or break you.

Don't mention your GPA in any context. It doesn't belong anywhere near your PS and unless you were under extreme extenuating circumstances (major illness, etc.), it does not warrant an addendum.

I am firmly of the opinion that your PS doesn't need to address why you want to go to law school. My PS didn't even reference the idea of law school. Beyond this, most people don't have really good reasons for wanting to go to law school. Do you want to be a lawyer? Then congratulations, you deserve to go to law school as much as the next guy.

Chill out, you have a 177 and work experience that proves you aren't socially incompetent. You will get into multiple T-14s, I think! Good luck.

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