Never Finished Honors Thesis- Help

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Never Finished Honors Thesis- Help

Postby throwawayy12 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:08 am


For two years I was enrolled in an honors program at my university. It culminated in a thesis- I think pretty standard stuff.

Anyway, my advisor sucked- he was out of the country real often, didn't provide any direction, etc. I ended the year with a thesis that did not qualify for an "honors" or "high honors" citation on my diploma/transcript.

Having said that, I was still evaluated on the paper and got an A- in the course the final semester of senior year (B the first semester; A's during Junior year). It just didn't have enough "new information" to qualify for a thesis, and was evaluated on the strength of the paper otherwise. So the only hole in my transcript is the lack of the honors citation.

Will I be asked about this? AdComms can see the course called "honors," and there is no note or anything like that- will they ask me about this and why there is no "graduating with honors"? If they ask me more about the honors course, do I tell them the story, or just avoid it by saying "I wrote a paper about X..."

I guess I'm wondering the kind of familiarity AdComms would have with courses like this, and if the lack of the honors citation will stick out to them that it will require an explanation.

LSAC GPA is 3.8X. High LSAT. So it's really HYSCCNMVP I'm applying to.

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Re: Never Finished Honors Thesis- Help

Postby Bronx Bum » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:20 am

Might want to clear that up before the character and fitness of your local bar gets a hold of the file.


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Re: Never Finished Honors Thesis- Help

Postby RoaringMice » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:34 am

The requirements for programs and courses like this vary from uni to uni. For example, at my uni, I could be in the honors program and choose not to write a thesis at all.

I would be surprised if the adcomms at law schools are so familiar with the honors program at your school.

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