Law school applicants decline sharply from elite undergrads

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Law school applicants decline sharply from elite undergrads

Postby NYstate » Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:42 pm

NYTimes: She looks at the top 20 ranked schools who were feeder to law schools according to LSAC data

Across the board, the number of people applying to matriculate in fall 2012 was 67,700, down about 17 percent from the number who applied to matriculate in fall 2008 (82,000).

The average decline in applicants who graduated from the “elite” schools was 28 percent.

I’m not sure why graduates with bachelor’s degrees from these higher-ranked universities have shown larger declines in interest in law school. Maybe they have access to better career services offices, which informed them that opportunities for newly minted lawyers have declined. Or maybe the range of jobs available to them in nonlegal fields has recovered faster than that for most college graduates, so the Ivy Leaguers feel less pressure to wait out the terrible job market by enrolling in law school. Or maybe it’s just coincidence. ... eges/?_r=0

referencing associate's mind (ivies plus a few other schools) ... aw-school/

with graphs: ... s-edition/

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