Establishing LSAT floors

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Establishing LSAT floors

Postby elterrible78 » Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:18 am

Hey all,

For my stats analysis blog, I'm thinking about trying something new, and in order do so I have to establish "LSAT floors" for schools (which, I guess, in itself might be interesting). First off, does anyone know if there are any reputable numbers already out there? And next, if I'm going to do it myself, I'll be using LSN data, and was thinking about doing the following:

Picking a score at which there was a 5% or better success rate for students AND the total % of admits with that score was greater than or equal to a certain number (that way I wouldn't be just grabbing the odd case where 2 students with 158s applied to Yale, and one of them happened to squeak in). In terms of this second number, I was thinking either 0.5% or 1%. I'm open to opinions on this, as well as other suggestions.


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