Ignore the haters. Law school is totally worth the cash.

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Re: Ignore the haters. Law school is totally worth the cash.

Postby hephaestus » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:50 pm

ChampagnePapi wrote:
kapital98 wrote:
guano wrote:It's very easy to manipulate data to achieve the result you want. And that is what was done here. I'm not so cynical as to believe they are trying to scam people, but they probably had a particular viewpoint to start with, set out to prove their point, and tailored their analysis toward achieving their goals.

I agree with both you and BK. I'm constantly reading academic papers by prestigious authors who use dubious assumptions, datamine, or use disingenuous statements. However, this accusation can be applied to 95% of academic research.

It's really a matter of looking at specifically looking at their assumptions, data, and models to determine reliability. If there are serious econometric problems don't be surprised if other bloggers bring them to light.

You sound like a true scholar :roll:


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