Jd with mpa/mba

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Jd with mpa/mba

Postby jmjm » Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:38 pm

I am considering a dual degree with one of mpa/mba and have a few questions. Appreciative of help from current students/applicants here.
- does the mpa admission requires different accomplishments, extra-curriculars than the jd?
- do the essays/sop have to make the same case in each application? Not clear if one school checks with the other regarding the case made in essays.
- What would a recommendation letter for a top jd/mpa include? A professor's rec from a different discipline can only talk about research/course work that may not relate to jd/mpa. Who do applicants usually get recs from?

background info,
- senior engineer at a tech corporation, lead a team of engineers for software products, ten yr work ex
- ug engineering, superior; MS eng, gpa 3.5
- strong community involvement, lead role at a nonprofit
- interviewed at a top bschool (hsw) for mba recently but denied, gmat 730

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