When should I ask for scholarship increase?

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When should I ask for scholarship increase?

Postby heyman86us » Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:48 pm


I was not initially selected to receive a merit scholarship from a law school.
And, I sent a request for merit-based scholarship yesterday. And, I received an email stating that I am selected to receive a Dean’s Scholarship.

I do hope to receive more amount of scholarship from this law school.

My question is whether I should ask for scholarship increase right now or later, maybe around 1st deposit deadline.

Here are pros and cons that I am thinking:

[Asking scholarship increase right now]
1. They have re-reviewed my file recently for scholarship, so it would be convenient for them in terms of considering me for scholarship increase. Whereas if I ask later for scholarship increase, they will need to review my entire file again, which is inconvenient for them.
1. They might think that I am unappreciative for asking more scholarship money right away when they already decided to give me some money.

[Asking scholarship increase later]
1. They will have freed-up scholarship funds from withdraws. So, more money to award.
1. They have to review my entire file again for considering me for scholarship increase, which is inconvenient for them.
2. There might be more competition in terms of scholarship negotiation since many people will ask for scholarship or scholarship increase around deposit deadlines.

Should I ask for scholarship increase now or later? If I should do it later, when is the best time to do it? Before 1st deposit or after 1st deposit?

Thank you. I would appreciate any advice.


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Re: When should I ask for scholarship increase?

Postby wannabelawstudent » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:42 pm

Whatever school it is. Isn't the first deposit deadline sometime between April 1-15? Aka just about right now. Do it now.

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