PT Program Question for those interested in dual degree

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PT Program Question for those interested in dual degree

Postby arkgawilson » Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:47 am

Alright fellow TLS colleagues, I know we can sometimes be harsh to one another and kick everyones ass (in a good way of course)...RETAKE! My situation is as follows: I had no undergrad debt, went to a shitty doc. program in the healthcare field where I amassed a large amount of debt. I have great softs, am an untraditional student, LGBT, extensive peer-reviewed publications and presentations within my field, etc. LSAT is in improvement and I have a year to get it up to a 170+.

What I am wondering is whether attending a GOOD part-time program would be beneficial for me, as I could work and pay down some of my substantial debt from my mistake of going to a for profit healthcare program. Big mistake I know, but it did help me get connected with some leaders in my field who are both psychologists and attorneys, which is an area I am heavily looking into (particularly, the JD/PhD route in psych and law).

If I were to go to a PT program where I could receive a substantial amount of scholly $$$ and the ability to pay off some of my grad debt, would that seem like a better option than applying to a JD/PhD program in my field that closely aligns with my interests, where I might receive less scholly $$$ but still have the option of accruing only a minimal amount of debt (if things work out the way I hope) with a decent LSAT and GRE score, graduate stipend, etc.

I'm curious to know what people think as this is somewhat a unique circumstance. I realistically think I could get into a lower T14 (or a few slots lower) with some $$$ money, but most of those programs don't have the dual degree (with the exception of Cornell and NU) with are not part time. Other programs that have the degree I'd be interested in are Drexel and ASU, also not PT.

Let me know what you think, I really appreciate the feedback you guys have given me. Fortunately I have over a year to rock the GRE and LSAT and hope that would make a significant difference. I know that there are sometimes folks saying PT programs are somewhat a waste unless you want to practice in those areas. I'm wondering if that is the consensus, or if it could be a good venue to pay down a substantial amount of debt.

Thanks in advance.

The degree where I acquired most of my debt was in a PsyD program (Doctor of Psychology). I withdrew from the program after 3 years to move home for 2 years, finish my MS there, and hopefully pay down some debt while I am at home and while I am studying hardcore for the LSAT and GRE.

Any advice would be appreciated.

UGPA: 3.5, Grad GPA 3.95, Average LSAT but expect that to change.

Thanks in advance


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