Why Uconn essay

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Why Uconn essay

Postby letmein14 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:41 pm

Has anyone written a why Uconn essay?

I'm border line and can easily be denied or accepted so I want to try my best to show the admission council that I want in.

Has anyone written a why uconn or a why anywhere essay and if so can you please give me some pointers? I have writers block and do not know where to begin.



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Re: Why Uconn essay

Postby kweehunt » Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:38 pm

I had to write a few of these, though not for UConn.

I'm not sure if there is a guideline to writing the perfect essay like this, but here is what I went with.

1. I did some research about the school and its programs. I didn't want my essays to seem like I just took the name of a different school out and put a new one in (So, I re-wrote about 90% of my essays each time I had to do one like this). Because of that, I included specific references to the school's specialty areas. At points it was like "I want to go to your law school school because I have a passion for maritime law and, based on your school's 'Motion of the Ocean' center, I know that no other school will give me the same maritime education.

2. I was honest (to some extent). By that, I told them why I actually wanted to go to their school. I said that I hoped to make whatever town/city my new home and explained what attracted me to that school. I stopped short of saying anything like "I want to go to your school because it is the only T1 I can get into", but praising the school's academic standards felt right to me.

3. I combined the "why do I want to go here" with "why would you want me to go to your school". Don't just tell UConn why it's the perfect school for you, explain why you are the perfect student for their school.

Also, proofread. I treated mine like additional personal statements and spent a good bit of time crafting the perfect one.

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