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Re: why webcam interviews

Postby howlery » Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:39 pm

What would happen if the admissions committee felt that the applicant was being deceitful regarding his/her heritage? Is it even an infraction at that point since the bar takes place several years later?

I guess the clause at the end of applications asking individuals to affirm that all stated information is correct would give the committee grounds to pursue some kind of action. Still, isn't the wording something along the lines of "correct to the best of my knowledge?"

Whatever, I'm sure the interviews compensate for having the largest incoming class in HYS and help weed out those who are bright but would fare poorly during OCI.

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Re: Why Harvard interviews by Skype (webcam)

Postby CyanIdes Of March » Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:26 pm

John_rizzy_rawls wrote:
ManOfTheMinute wrote:
cynthiad wrote:You can't always tell a person's race by their appearance. Plenty of Latinos are white. I knew a 1/2 black girl who looked whiter than me (I am Caucasian). A native american could certainly look white. Just because someone looks white doesn't mean they are.

Your (and OPs) attitude on this subject is annoying.

I was thinking the exact same thing about yours. I have come to recognize your post every time I see entitled self righteousness in a post.

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