Very Recent Arrest / Case Dismissed - T20 Chances?

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Very Recent Arrest / Case Dismissed - T20 Chances?

Postby username789 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:45 am

I am planning on applying to law school next year (Fall 2014). I was recently arrested for misdemeanor 'constructive' possession of marijuana that was found when police officers raided a house party I was attending. The charge was dismissed soon after. I have no other prior criminal or arrest record of any kind.

I'm not sure how this should be addressed. I am worried that unlike most people who may have had a similar arrest/dismissal, my situation happened very recently and not during high school/undergrad (I graduated two years ago and have been regularly employed as a legal secretary) so I won't be able to make any claims that I've 'reformed' myself over time.

I know that I must disclose it if asked about any history of arrests, but I see that many apps only seem to ask for convictions (I have none). I am also aware that I must disclose this arrest to the bar when that time comes. Should I mention this arrest in an addendum if they only ask you to list convictions earlier in the application?

I am worried now that this arrest will eliminate any chances of getting into a T20 school. I have a 3.8 GPA and 154 LSAT (not the best I know) but I am planning on taking the LSAT again and have been scoring in the low 160s in my practice tests. I also have great LORs and a unique life story (overcoming family issues) that is the focus of my PS.

Thank you for your input on this matter,

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Re: Very Recent Arrest / Case Dismissed - T20 Chances?

Postby Nova » Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:03 am

My friend at a T20 got arrested and put on probation from POM. Then he violated his probation when police raided his apt and found 2-4 oz of M, and he got sentenced to 4 months in jail. Then he got another POM a year later. He had an LSAT at/above the T20's median and was accepted to T1s across the board.

An arrest and dismissal for POM will not hurt your chances in any significant way. For C&F questions that ask about arrests, be sure to write a very short addendum explaining the situation.

If the C&F question only asks about convictions, you dont have to include an addendum.

Good luck on the retake!!

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Re: Very Recent Arrest / Case Dismissed - T20 Chances?

Postby atcushman » Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:07 am

it will have no effect on your admission...that lsat score on the other hand...when you say dismissed was it actually dismissed or did you get some kind of deferment? If it was actually dismissed i wouldnt mention it if it asks about convictions but a lot ask about arrests charges this case answer give a brief explanation but dont drop some bs about how you really learned from the experience or some crap...just a brief objective summary

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