Registering for Feb LSAT after submitting Applications?

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Registering for Feb LSAT after submitting Applications?

Postby giltzer14 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:58 am

I applied to Law schools in mid-November with two LSAT scores. I am beginning to hear back from these schools and have a few acceptances already. I am considering taking the LSAT in February since I feel I may be able to raise my score a few points and taking it a third time after already applying might be less stressful. I am set on starting law school this Fall.

1.) Does registering for the LSAT notify the schools I have already applied to that I registered for a future LSAT?

2.) If yes to #1, is this a bad thing? I am "In Review" for all my remaining applications and would like it to stay that way since I am an early applicant. I would hate for the applications to revert to "Pending February LSAT score"!

3.) If I do go forward with this and get a higher score, will law schools consider this increase and possibly raise my scholarship/admit me off a wait list?

4.) If I get a worse score, what are the chances this could affect my admission decision?


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