December Number of First-Time LSAT Takers Released?

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December Number of First-Time LSAT Takers Released?

Postby crossingfingers » Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:05 am

It's not on LSAC yet (at least anywhere in the resources tab that I can find), but Dan Filler at The Faculty Lounge ( writes that LSAC has reported a 16% drop in December first-time takers from last year. This means that if the repeater/first-timer split is about the same, we the LSAT's administered will be down, what, about 14%? Looks like continued good news for current applicants!

Along the same lines, does anyone know when LSAC updates their "Current Volume - Three Year Summary" numbers? I assume it's easy to predict, but interesting to check nevertheless.

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