How useful is a third LOR?

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How useful is a third LOR?

Postby TripTrip » Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:01 pm

I have five LORs on file with LSAC. I know two of them are excellent, but I have no idea about the rest. Is it better to just submit the two to every law school? Are there some schools where it would be good to include three or four letters, even if I'm not sure how awesome they are? (Read: Berkley?)

All the letters are written by professors who could have a lot of great things to say about me, I'm just not sure what actually made it into the letters.


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Re: How useful is a third LOR?

Postby macnut2012 » Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:21 am

It really depends on the school. Some schools have a cut off point to how many letter they accept. If admissions at a certain school requires 2 letters, you're best bet is to use the letters you know give you an excellent recommendation.

But also choose your letters strategically. It's good to show law schools that you have a range of experience. If you have 1 letter from an employer, it is a good idea to send that as well (as long as you know its an okay recommendation). I sent 3 letters. Two from professors and one from a past employer. I wasn't sure what the recommendations were like, but I did get into the majority of the schools I applied too. If you only have professor recommendations, just send the two you know are good.

If you went to Berkeley, then you don't need 4 letters of recommendations from professors. Your transcript already shows that you went to a highly ranked school.

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