LOCI Help for W.E. Heavy Applicants

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LOCI Help for W.E. Heavy Applicants

Postby Weez11 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:34 pm

I am on two t-14 WL's, and I have been out of school for a while (4 yrs w.e.).

Today was my annual review at my office with the CFO and it went really well - I started about 8 months ago. I will be getting a formal hard-copy of my annual review in mid-January for my records. I was told I can review it, offer feedback and ultimately, "do what I want with it." I work in a compliance/ internal audit capacity (not CPA). Has anyone used something like this in their LOCI? I wouldn't use direct quotations, but rather refer to it vauguely and offer my own interpretation of my superior's opinion of my work product.

Basically, good idea or bad idea? I obvioulsy have no new grades, have previously stated that said schools are my top choices, that I would deposit immediately if accpted, etc. Also, I think my w.e. and my employers in particular have attributed to me landing on waitlists.


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Re: LOCI Help for W.E. Heavy Applicants

Postby hhockberger » Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:15 pm

I just got a great review and I'm planning on doing the same thing. Not on any WLs yet, but I'm sure I'll get dragged down to admissions purgatory by at least one school.

To you or to whomever has any input: Should I send some sort of LOCI with this info only to schools where I'm on a WL? I'm probably on the "meh, we'll see what the other apps look like before we decide on her" pile at a bunch of schools, and would an update like this help my file or just be unnecessary?

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