Cannot edit "My Institutions Attended"?

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Cannot edit "My Institutions Attended"?

Postby unoplayer » Wed Nov 21, 2012 5:17 pm

I was about to submit the "My Institutions Attended" section when I saw that I could not edit it after I submit. Is this information only for one application cycle? If I do not get into any law schools, I will probably stay an extra year in undergrad, so my graduation date will change.

Also, does LSAC care if I graduate a semester early? I put summer because I do not know if I can get into my required courses next semester.

I do not want LSAC to think that there are irregularities or misconduct in my application if I graduate at a different date. Graduation dates can change depending on many factors that a student does not know at the time of his or her law school application.

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