Part time law school & scholarships

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Part time law school & scholarships

Postby giltzer14 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 2:34 am

Do part-time law schools give out comparable scholarships as compared to their full-time programs? I'm looking for a general consensus on the matter even though i'm sure it varies from school to school. I've looked at LSAC ABA data for a few California schools and so far it seems pretty similar between full-time and part-time. The % of part-time students and their corresponding dollar amount proportions are not too far off from that of the full-time programs.

Example: University of San Francisco Law School


So theoretically one could obtain a similar scholarship to that of a full-time student since part-time student's have lower LSAT/GPA scores? I realize this may only apply to 1L because keeping a scholarship is another story.

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