Around what time are most US school applications due?

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Around what time are most US school applications due?

Postby someonenew » Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:01 pm

Hey, as a Canadian, I know about half of the law schools here set a deadline for Nov. 1, so I'm almost set as far as that goes. But I'm considering applying to one or two US schools as well. I've checked some websites of 1st/2nd tier schools, and the deadlines seem to vary quite a bit. Can anyone give me even just a general timeframe for when the bulk of people submit applications or a general time around when most law schools set their due date? November-December? Early next year? I'm sure it varies quite a bit - but I thought I'd ask her before I go about checking tons of websites

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Re: Around what time are most US school applications due?

Postby nick_scheu » Sun Oct 14, 2012 3:14 pm

myLSN places application times into these categories:

Early: August-November
In Between: December-January
Late: February-July

These seem like reasonable rules of thumb, but note that many law schools have firm deadlines, often around February/March. Additionally, they start accepting people much earlier, so there's an advantage to applying as early as possible. You want them evaluating your application when they have all of their slots open, not when they're 3/4 filled.

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