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Dear Top Law Schools,

I’ve been an active board member, but I am posting on a new name for some true opinions and advice regarding recent personal questions and concerns.

I'm currently a 1L at a tier one school ranked in the 20s. I graduated summa cum laude from an undergraduate business school at a top 60 university.

Over the past week, I’ve been contemplating if I made the right decision in reference to law school and my career aspirations. My passion for business led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in business. Whether or not I practice law, I’ve always believed the distinction of a law degree would open more doors to business opportunities.

I have no intention on practicing law. My goals are in the corporate business world, and in particular, to eventually become involved in the corporate travel industry (from a non-legal perspective and title). Many business executives have a J.D., and I’ve always assumed that with a J.D., I can do just about anything (corporate business, investment banking, real estate, or if my mind changes, be a lawyer). Although not all corporate executives have JDs or CPAS, many due, and I’m unsure as to whether or not I’d be limiting myself and my endeavors.

I am now contemplating if law school is the right decision for me (or if not, what is). I know it’s late, but I’m trying to affirm this decision before it’s too late – before the accumulating debt makes this decision an irreversible one, one where I’m stuck with law school and possibly doing something I don’t want to do to pay back the overwhelming loans. I know there are probably different paths to corporate business, and I’m trying to figure out other alternatives if the JD path is not the one.

Should I be making this $150k investment when I have no intention of practicing law? Will it help me advance to reach my goals, or will the debt overburden me to an unwanted career in law with limited opportunity? (I've read articles with two very different perspectives which has confused me more - invest in law school only with intentions on practicing and not.)

Without a J.D. how can I distinguish myself? My business mentors have a J.D., but many have other qualifications (many CPAs). I know I need (and want) a professional degree and education for my aspirations, and I always have viewed a J.D., especially coupled with a business bachelor’s degree, as a more powerful degree and background.

Are there any companies that would pay for a young employee to pursue a MBA part-time?
As I mentioned, I’m here because I always wanted this education and assumed it would be best for my envisioned future. But I never looked at it as a possibly limiting decision. If it wasn’t for the debt (or if I had a substantial or full scholarship as many do), I know a JD and/or a JDMBA would be my ideal path to the opportunities I seek. But the reality remains that this path involves a serious financial commitment, and I do not know if it is worth it for me. I’m willing to take the loans, do the work, and do whatever it takes to get where I want, if it is the correct path.

Thanks so much for your advice given this frustrating and confusing situation I find myself in.

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