Texas A&M just announced a buyout of Texas Wesleyan!

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Re: Texas A&M just announced a buyout of Texas Wesleyan!

Postby PDaddy » Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:22 am

I would rather have seen Rice buy the TW Law School. I would also like to have seen avery other Texas school except for Texas, Baylor, SMU, and Houston (and maybe Texas Tech) close down. That would have been progress.

Texas would have had five or six good law schools, and that would have been plenty, even in a state that size. I want all of the BS law schools to close.

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Re: Texas A&M just announced a buyout of Texas Wesleyan!

Postby romothesavior » Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:26 am

NCGuy wrote:I would argue that given a full scholarship at PSU/MSU and Cooley/TJ, it would be a wiser gamble to go with PSU/MSU.

And not a single rational person would disagree with you. This isn't a bold or controversial statement at all. What is your point?

Also, rad wasn't conflating TJ/Cooley/Ave/etc. with T2s. Sure, there are some atrocious schools at the outlier that are truly despicable. But outside of those, it is just a morass of average-level shittiness.

In terms of job placement, there really is very little difference between your average T3 and your average T2, or even some lower T1s. I see little difference between T3 schools like Stetson, Southern Illinois, Creighton, Gonzaga, etc., and a school like Michigan State, Rutgers-Newark, St. Louis Uniersity, etc. In fact, of the schools I just listed, Michigan State is the highest ranked, and they have by far the worst full-time JD-required statistics for the c/o 2011. So what does that say about the T2/T3 distinction? IMO, Rad is right. The T2/T3 distinction is essentially meaningless.

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