LOCI Question- Senioritis last semester

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LOCI Question- Senioritis last semester

Postby rglifberg » Thu May 03, 2012 11:29 am

Quick question-

I'm on a wait-list I want to get off and I just graduated over the weekend. My Cum. GPA is low and my numbers are under the school's median but I managed to somehow make it onto the wait-list, mostly in part to being URM, really high upward trend, softs, etc. So my question is: I had a high upward trend, I got a 3.5 last semester taking 20 credits last semester and I just got really lazy my last semester and I got only a 3.1 this semester taking 9 credits. I'm planning on sending in a LOCI, should I not mention my grades this semester since they are lower than last semester, although still higher than my cumulative GPA? I'm kinda wary about mentioning it because I think my grade trend played a pretty big part in not being outright rejected. Thanks!

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Re: LOCI Question- Senioritis last semester

Postby Favre4Prez » Fri May 04, 2012 1:16 pm

I wouldn't mention anything to be honest. If you are citing your upward GPA trend as a reason for adcomms to overlook or discount a lower GPA, then making mention of a corresponding decline and rationalizing it with laziness probably isn't helping your case all that much. Unless your acceptance is contingent upon receiving upon a certain GPA your last semester, I don't think a 3.1 would cause them to revoke an acceptance, expecially when taking 9 credits. What is that, like one A and 2 B's?

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