Law School, Bar and Medical Records

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Law School, Bar and Medical Records

Postby SisterSweetly » Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:35 pm

I found a thread in the archives about law school/bar admissions and their access to medical records. However, my question was not quite answered in that thread, so here goes...

Do law schools and the bar (C&F) have access to medical records? I'm asking specifically about physical health rather than mental health.

Basically, I'm asking because I had preventative brain aneurysm surgery a few years ago that (in my opinion) had no impact on my mental capacity, but I'm worried some may see that as a potential risk. I'd rather not disclose the situation in my application if possible.

No history of mental/emotional issues.

Thanks for the advice!

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Re: Law School, Bar and Medical Records

Postby NR3C1 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:28 am

Do law schools and the bar (C&F) have access to medical records?

C&F boards CAN GET ANYTHING THEY WANT. When do they want to? When one gives them reason to believe one is hiding something from them.

For instance, here is part of the release form of the C&F Questionnaire for Virginia (page 26):

...I hereby (a) authorize and request every person, firm, corporation, association, court, school, college, university, other educational institution, governmental and law enforcement and other agencies, including healthcare professionals and institutions, having control of any documents, records or other writing, or having other information pertaining to me (including but not limited to educational records as defined in 20 USC §1232g; confidential records; medical records and records concerning advice, care or treatment provided to me; files of bar associations or disciplinary agencies regarding charges or complaints filed against me, formal or informal, pending or closed, or other pertinent data)...

I would not disclose your condition to law schools, and I wouldn't disclose it to C&F boards. Questions on page 23 on the questionnaire don't seem to encompass your old physical condition.

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Re: Law School, Bar and Medical Records

Postby bp shinners » Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:40 pm

SisterSweetly wrote:No history of mental/emotional issues.

I am not a C&F attorney, so this isn't legal advice at all. It's just anecdotal.

However, I have plenty of friends who passed C&F despite being diagnosed with and on treatment for mental/emotional issues. If you're worried that your purely physical issue might be construed as a mental/emotional issue, I would say that even if it is, you can still pass C&F.

I'd ask an attorney to be sure, but I always recommend disclosing this stuff, especially since it will most likely not be something they care about.

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