Offered a Defrral

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Offered a Defrral

Postby 1776 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:40 pm

My top school offered me a deferral for next year, with no promise of scholarship money. Other similarly ranked schools offered me money, but, as of now, they won't match the offers. Based on when I took the LSAT previously, I can take it another time. I want to request accomodations, and since it's a long process, and I need to buy books again and study, I wouldn't take it until Oct. They want a full deposit before I would retake.

I did study for the LSAT before, but I didn't improve much on the real deal. I would probably take a class and get different books this time, and would study longer than I did before (May-Oct vs. 2-3 months), and would have more time to study. I need to increase it about 3-6 points to get the type of money I need. I will have WE also.

If I end up getting deferred, should I retake in Oct and reapply with a better resume? I don't know how much more I can improve. Would it hurt my chances to re apply to the same schools?

Sorry, I'm new to all of this, and have been out of school, so I don't have an adviser or anything. Got in to 1 T1, , and the rest TT with money this year. I am very debt averse, so I wouldn't ED anywhere. If my other option works out, I'm heading there, but if not, it looks like I'll unexpectedly have more time off from school.

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