Does what I choose to do in my pre-1L summer matter?

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Does what I choose to do in my pre-1L summer matter?

Postby AlabamaIceman » Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:11 pm

First of all, whuddup, long time no see, if anyone still remembers me around these parts.

I've had a pretty good cycle so far, a couple of deep-fried T1 schools have offered me full ride + stipend and a hair's breadth away from a full ride, respectively, so not too shabby of a fallback option(s) at all. My real interests still lie on the west coast and southwest, however, and I'm waiting to hear from a couple of schools in the next few weeks that will likely make up my mind for me.

Anyhow, in the interim, I'm stuck with a lease that would make it seem like the most economical option to just hunker down and find a hourly slavewage job for the summer after I graduate, but I really would rather do... anything else.

My question is in two parts: first, is it worth it by any metric to try to find a "topical" internship or job to fill the summer, i.e. one in a law firm or perhaps sports/TV/film if I insist on pursuing my unlikely interest in entertainment and sports law/representation? If it's a fun internship, fine, I'll take it regardless, but I'm wondering if I should temper that consideration with the idea that firms down the road are even going to notice that blip on my resume.

Second, a tangentially related question coming from a loan noob like myself who has not had to borrow thus far, if I decide to do something for the hell of it that seems fun or rewarding, is there any way to speak with the financial aid department at my school for the fall and go ahead and get some of my financial aid flowing down the pipe to help me through the summer? For example, against all odds with my white bread CLA major and lack of experience, I actually have a slot lined up (but not guaranteed) to take a summer position at a smallish film production company in LA. Problem is, pay is less than minimal, and therefore this would end up costing me rather than earning any money. So beyond the question of that being a wise summer employment choice, would it even be possible to get loan money dealt out that early to make it a possibility?

(Yo no tengo suficiente in my personal assets right now to even consider anything that involves a move + rent on top of rent an option without loan $$$)

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I really couldn't decide which was the best place to drop this off.

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Re: Does what I choose to do in my pre-1L summer matter?

Postby cloudhidden » Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:33 am


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