JDD MPP Programs

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JDD MPP Programs

Postby gangreen7788 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:01 am

Wondering what thoughts there are out there about joint JD/MPP programs, particularly the quality of the degree and schools that will accept the LSAT instead of the GRE. I know Georgetown, Duke and UVA all will, and I know all three boast equally respected programs in Pub Policy and law. Any other thoughts or recommendations on schools to look at, and does anyone here have experience in getting the joint degree, how the balance between two already rigorous degrees works? Thanks


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Re: JDD MPP Programs

Postby downstream » Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:41 am

I think the marginal value of the MPP on top of a JD begins diminishing rather quickly. If you are able to get into Duke, UVA and GULC, I honestly do not think there is anything that an MPP from either of those two schools can get you that a JD cannot. Those are very strong policy schools but better law schools.

I have seen people do HLS and KSG with great results. I have also seen people do HLS combined with the Fletcher School (Tufts) for a true international relations bend and the two compliment each other perfectly. I think SAIS (Hopkins) does a combined program with several law schools but I haven't checked into it lately. Woodrow Wilson (Princeton) is free and does combined programs with YLS, SLS and HLS if I remember correctly.

The tiering of policy schools works relatively the same as law schools:

- Kennedy School and Woodrow Wilson are in a league of their own. SAIS is right there too with Fletcher for an international bend.
- Columbia (SIPA), Cal, UChicago, Michigan, Duke, Syracuse, Carnegie Mellon, roughly the next level.
- UVA, Georgetown, GW, Texas, probably next.

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