Junior in University; literally no extracirriculars

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Re: Junior in University; literally no extracirriculars

Postby moneybagsphd » Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:16 pm

Shooter wrote:Lots of unnecessary anger/group-think going on in this thread.

My post stated that GPA and LSAT are "by far" the two most important determinants of a person's admissions cycle. So I'm not sure where the major disagreement is.

ThreeRivers even conceded that softs are a tie-breaker for people with similar academic credentials. When I said that school's have the ability to WL certain candidates who have otherwise competitive numbers, that is tantamount to saying "it's a tie breaker for those with even scores."

Regurgitating stale, predictable TLS-lore does nothing to help the OP.

Just to be clear, I'm not angry nor should my argument be taken as an attack on you personally. I simply disagree with the idea that T14s will reject someone out of hand because they don't have any (or the right) softs. I also disagree that it would be used as a "tiebreaker," literal or otherwise. It can be beneficial for splitters with WE during undergrad, explained in a GPA addendum.

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