What to do with semester off

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What to do with semester off

Postby 89vision » Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:27 pm

I've applied to internships with several newspapers and museums (I am interested in public history and archival work, specifically working with government documents). Additionally, I applied for a variety of non profit jobs, legal secretary/assistant jobs, CATO, IHS for the summer journalism (one of 40 finalist last year) and policy internship, a couple of bartending jobs, to volunteer with the ACLU, work as an assistant at a halfway house (I would love to do this), and work at an animal shelter. I have 2 part time jobs (1 of which is less than 10 hrs until May, then it will be 30+, the second one is about $50-$100 every 2 weeks until the spring), and am finishing up 2 Americorps applications. I have the chance to work part time at a CDC that I previously interned because one of the staff members will be on maternity leave for 2-3 months. I am also a delegate for a political candidate in my district, so if he wins, I get to go to Tampa for free. I am currently volunteering on a political campaign, but the primary in my state is pretty late.

Where else should I be applying to work/volunteer? Any suggestions on what to do? My goal is to save up another 2K and go backpack through Europe in July or August. A museum job would be awesome, and my Professor put me in contact with one of his friends, but they are hard to get without graduate degrees (at least paid ones). I would love to do something involving policy, and I am sure I am missing places to apply. I am interested in gaining some real work experience, but need to save up money.

Any advice would be welcomed, I know I am overlooking some possibilities.

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