addendum freak out!

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addendum freak out!

Postby It Depends » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:23 pm

i'm trying to get into t6 schools and am looking for advice on how to best explain a previous enrollment.

so far, my addendum explains that i enrolled in ____ school in fall 2011, got seriously ill before 1l classes started, and left the school in order to receive medical treatment. i recovered about a month ago and have decided to apply to _____ school because i realized it is a better fit for me for me. (then i give the reasons that the particular school>previous school.) does this sound okay? how much do you think the previous enrollment will harm my chances of admission to t14 schools?

i also plan to take the lsat again in feb and am pretty confident i have a good shot of scoring 175+, so hopefully this will help? initial lsat:171, 3.7 gpa

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