how difficult is it for international students to get a job

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how difficult is it for international students to get a job

Postby rachelwang712 » Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:31 pm

-why law school?
-money + idealism

that is my answer to my friends. but these days, I came to realize how difficult it could get for foreigners to get a visa to work in America. One of my friends who graduated from Miami struggled half a year to get a job. She got one at last but she is not really happy with that job. In her email to me, she talked about her classmates who already earned ** a year, which is far better her. and they all stayed in China.

Plus, I got one job offer these days, 30k$ a year. not bad considering the living cost here. So I have to decide whether to pull out this cycle or not. my lsat is 171 and transcripts were evaluated as superior by LSAC. I probably can get in some T14.

things to consider:
1 would it be better if I apply w/ several years' working experience or not?
2 is law school option really worth the risk? the money and time i have to pay v. the job i might end up.

thanks for any advice.

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