re: increasing chances of getting into a t14

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re: increasing chances of getting into a t14

Postby twykim » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:36 pm

Raw numbers I have a 169 LSAT and a 3.84 LSDAS GPA

My dream schools in the t14 are Michigan and NYU. I looked at lawschoolpredictor and lawschoolnumbers and although my numbers do not
rule out my chances at these schools, they do not necessarily get me in these schools either.

My personal statement may or may not help me but that's debatable.

I feel like I am a pretty vanilla applicant. My letters of recommendation come from professors that I have taken multiple classes with and one of whom
is the pre law advisor at my school. But I can only imagine how many other applicants have recs similar to mine.

In terms of softs I feel like I'm pretty limited. I am a year out of undergrad and am working but the work is pretty straightforward too.

Any tips/advice that might help me improve my chances?



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Re: re: increasing chances of getting into a t14

Postby ryemanhattan » Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:07 pm

You'll want to make admissions committees feel like you are going to law school for good reasons, are passionate about what you're planning on doing with your career, and are generally a good person. Also, make sure those essays exhibit some mighty fine prose. It looks like your personal statement will be what will separate you from the pack.

Regardless, you'll get into some fine law schools.

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