CAS processing times

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CAS processing times

Postby elizcbeth » Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:50 pm

Hi, quick question: how long does LSAC take to send the application to the school? Northwestern recommends submitting the application by November 15th in order to receive it by December 1st. That seems like an impossibly long time...


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Re: CAS processing times

Postby jpal13 » Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:39 am

I'd like to know this too, I sent apps to 9 schools and for 7 out of 9 I got an email the day after I submitted saying they received my report, I also wonder if they just received a partial report without the LORs or transcripts/LSDAS GPA report and then receive that later. Do these schools even get a copy of your transcript or just the LSDAS report? Logging into the app status portals, some schools and not others have a checklist with a check marking what part of the app they receive. Just a suggestion for LSAC is that they should show you the PDF of your submitted app but the school should actually be sent at that time your submitted app + LORs + GPA/transcripts + official LSAT reports all at once. Now that I have submitted most of my apps with the exception of my ridiculous reaches (HYS, Berkeley) and my safeties (Emory, U of Miami) I am so anxious to get my apps back especially since I will be out of the country from Nov 11 - Nov 22.

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