Missing jobs on applications

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Missing jobs on applications

Postby instantwonton » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:15 pm

So I just sent out my last 2 applications tonight and realized upon completing the last one that I completely forgot to mention one of the jobs I've held since graduating college. It was only a part time job that I was at for a few months in conjunction with another job that is on the applications, but I'm questioning now if it is a bad thing that job isn't on there.

Also, I held quite a few other jobs from high school through the end of college that I didn't include because I didn't find them important to list and now I am second-guessing that decision as well.

Do you think that I should have listed them all or do you think that it's O.K. to just list the ones that are relevant/important? If you think I should have listed them all, do you think that I should send an addendum including all other paid jobs to the schools?

Thanks! :D

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