Disciplinary Probation?

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Disciplinary Probation?

Postby jwong01 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:29 pm

Hey guys,

So during my senior year of college one of my neighbors complained that my housemates and I were being too loud. Since we were living on a "quiet street" at the time, my school decided to put all of us on "House Disciplinary Probation"... which was basically nothing. I completely forgot about this, and was just recently reminded of it when I asked for a Dean's Certification from my school.

This is pretty annoying because now I have to check "YES" on my apps when asked about ever having disciplinary action taken against me..

My question is, will this affect my chances of being admitted to T14 schools?

The exact wording from my school is:

"X received a House Disciplinary Probation for a minor infraction of the Code of Non-Academic Conduct which occurred on April 30, 2011. X and his housemates were placed on probation until graduation, May 23, 2011. No additional disciplinary sanctions were imposed.

X has returned to good standing in the University."


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