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Postby ont84198 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:50 pm

First semester in college: 2 F's. Anyone remember those English and Math placement tests that you take to determine what level class you will get into? Well I tested so low that these classes were not even college level, and would not count toward my degree. So I enrolled in the classes, but then stopped going halfway through the semester because I knew I could test into higher levels of both, and not waste my time taking a class that would not count toward my degree.

Second semester: I switched schools and retook my placements. I tested much higher, and took my math and english classes that actually counted toward my degree. (Got A's in both)

The reason I didn't worry about it back then was because I was told these original classes would just disappear, and they did....until I decided to pursue law and found out that LSAC counts F's in classes that don't even count toward my GPA or degree.

Additonal information: my LSAC GPA is a 3.5, degree GPA is a 4.0, my cumulative(non lsac) gpa is a 3.77, I only went to that school where I received F's for one semester, then switched. I have gone to 3 schools all together, and my GPA has gotten increasingly better.

**There was also stupidity/immaturity involved (second semester in college I only took 3 classes and I got a 2.6) But my grades (and course load) shot up right after my first year, and never went back down. I know I have read that when writing an addendum stupidity is not an excuse, so I was going to leave this out, and not even discuss this semester??

I am in my last semester of college right now, and they don't have my grades from my last semester yet(6 classes total). Should I point out that they should wait until my final grades are received?? This may make my GPA go up a bit.

If you do think I should write an addendum, then any suggestions about what to include/not include would be appreciated. THANKS!!!

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