LSAC volume summary stats question

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LSAC volume summary stats question

Postby Schola » Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:53 pm

Am I right to assume that Fall 2011 ABA Applicant stats on the LSAC website refers to the round of applications for the class of 2014 (i.e. those who would have applied last fall and started classes this semester)? And I am sure I deserve a snarky response, but I will say in my defense that the only reason I ask is b/c I find it strange that LSAC wouldn't have complete data for Fall 2010 if Fall 2011 referred to last application season. ... ummary.asp

Either way, I find it interesting that while the # of LSATs administered from 2008-2010 saw large recession bounce, the recession had only a minimal affect on the number of people who actually APPLIED to law school. Even Fall 2010, the season that had the most applicants this recession, had fewer applicants than at any point from 2002-2006. And last year (assuming Fall 2011 ABA Applications refers to last application season) saw the smallest number of applicants in at least a decade.

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