Submitting apps before LORs are processed?

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Submitting apps before LORs are processed?

Postby ignatiusr » Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:34 am

I'm sure this has been addressed in previous threads, but I'm having trouble finding anything when I search the archives. I'm applying to t14s, and I want to apply as early as possible. My original plan was to submit by the end of September. I should have been able to do this, but one of my recommenders is holding up the process. He's had my PS for a month, I've sent follow-up e-mails, but nothing has inspired him to finish the letter. My question: is it possible to submit my apps before the LORs are processed, and is there any benefit/drawback to doing so? I know that schools will not consider my app complete until they receive both LORs, but does submitting the app before they arrive have any effect on my place in the review queue?

Also- any thoughts about the significance of an app submitted at the end of Sept. versus one submitted in mid or late Oct.?


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Re: Submitting apps before LORs are processed?

Postby MumofCad » Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:35 am

Mid to late October is still early enough. Anything before Halloween apparently is "early" according to this board and I don't know any better.

As for the LOR, it depends on the school. Yes, they won't review your app till its complete, but some schools only require 1 LOR. Make sure you don't submit to those schools if you want the 2nd LOR to count as they will consider it complete despite one being outstanding and potentially issue a decision or sort you into a pile before it comes in. I applied to UVA Day 1 and had a decision within a few days, but one of my LORs didn't come in until 3 days after they had issued a decision. It was always assigned to them, they just won't hold if they consider the app complete. Hope that makes sense.

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