C&F question - charges never filed

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C&F question - charges never filed

Postby questionnaire » Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:55 pm

i was arrested very recently for drug possession but after speaking with my lawyer and reviewing the evidence, the DA decided not to file charges. i know that some of the applications ask for arrests, and obviously those ones i will disclose the incident. for c&f questions like:

"Have you ever been convicted of a crime (following a jury or bench trial, a guilty plea, or a nolo contendere plea) including misdemeanors and infractions, but excluding minor traffic violations, or are such criminal charges pending or expected to be brought against you?"

i didn't go through a diversion program, i never went to court, the charges were, according to my lawyer, "never filed". i know that everyone says to lean toward full disclosure, but i am worried that because the incident occurred so recently (<6 months ago), it will hurt my applications. i was not charged (charges must be brought by a DA, not police, correct?), so i can truthfully answer no to the above question, but of course i don't want to face c&f problems after law school, and i DO have an arrest record .. thoughts?

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