Not enough units to apply?

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Not enough units to apply?

Postby buddyluv545 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:24 am

I was going to apply to law school this semester, but I noticed some applications say you are eligible to apply if you have completed 90 units. I have completed only 89 units, does that mean I HAVE to wait until this semester is over to apply, so I have over 90 units?

That seems ridiculous to me, since I am graduating in the Spring and I don't want to wait for my grades to come in because it will be late December! Has anyone experienced this?

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Re: Not enough units to apply?

Postby BiglawOrBust » Fri Sep 09, 2011 1:03 am


That being said, either write an addendum explaining your sitch (but please refer to them as 'credits'), apply at schools that do not have these restrictions, or wait until next semester to apply. But you should probably choose the former.

Sorry that was the best advice I can offer while drunk.


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Re: Not enough units to apply?

Postby 094320 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:15 am


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