May be redundant: Does a larger class help or hurt you?

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Larger Class

Large classes do help you for...
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Large classes do not help
Other, they def help for some but def hurt for others
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May be redundant: Does a larger class help or hurt you?

Postby things fall apart » Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:23 pm

I'm sure this has been debated, but I'm currently on the F U Browser 2.0 that has search disabled.

But anyway besides social and other tertiary factors does class size affect class rank and job placement in a negative or positive way?

I'd say a larger class is for ones advantage, but I want to hear what others think. My theory would be if you have 100 people, despite individual stars, it's harder to land in the top 20 (20 raw spots) than if you have 400 people (80 raw spots), and by association with OCI cut-offs it'd be harder to land something despite competing against more people.

I want to hear what others think 0L, SA, practising attorneys alike.

(by class I obviously mean graduating, not classroom)

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