TIME Magazine: Law School is Overrated

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Re: TIME Magazine: Law School is Overrated

Postby PDaddy » Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:23 am

robotclubmember wrote:
Desert Fox wrote:
LEPinBOS wrote:I'm going to W&M. It's not a T14, but it's one of the best law schools in the Southeast. What am I to think about all this?

That you should be on a full ride.

Also isn't W&M less than three hours from 3 T14?

Within a 3 hour radius, your school is behind UVA, Duke, Georgetown and GWU (in that order). You should reconsider your prospects, which are not as good as W&M's website claim them to be. How much $$$ bro?

Don't forget Howard. Their grads get a fair share of the coveted DC/MD, NY, and Philly jobs. It's actually a larger share than its ranking might indicate. The need for at least some diversity never stops, even in a bad economy.

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Re: TIME Magazine: Law School is Overrated

Postby $1.99 » Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:26 am

lol 162 snickers

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