One good reason to go to law school

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Re: One good reason to go to law school

Postby crossarmant » Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:33 am

UNLV09 wrote:This is exactly what I am. Except I'm not interested in the "Boats n' Hoes" (already did that during undergrad), just want a job I have some interest in and that requires schooling I think I'll have fun doing. Why is law/government such a bust? I know the economy as a whole is hurting but regardless, the health guys have a great job outlook due to the dying baby boomers, the math/science/engineer guys are still pretty stable like always, the business/retail guys don't have the opportunities they used to but still can find entry level jobs somewhere and grind their way up, the same can be said for the computer dudes, and the police/military guys always have plenty of people that need to be shot (well, police are getting laid off like crazy but they can always go join the military or do private security which is in very high demand right now). For all of us poli sci/history majors who are truly interested in law/government, we're just screwed. Good political jobs that actually deal with public policy (not just door-to-door fundraising) are ridiculously competitive and to get one you have to have family connections or go to a top UG and land a killer internship. And the lawyer job outlook is almost as bad as the one-hour photo or music store future business outlook. Not to mention, my state has put a freeze on almost all government hiring ... 23796.html. I need to go back and do another undergrad.

I'm personally not a doom and gloom type like many on here, however if someone is deciding that they want to do law on a whim or because "Well, it seems interesting enough" then I have problem with that.

They bring up a good point in there about how it's not just law, it's white collar degree required jobs that are in surplus. No one wants to learn a trade anymore because everyone perpetually yells from the rooftop "Get an education, make more money, improve your life!" But no one ever mentions that a skilled makes like $55-60k a year, which is significantly more than the average salary of a lot of schmucks with pointless Sociology or English degrees. It's why America's manufacturing sectors have fallen so tremendously and why my brother, who has no college experience, can apply for a single machinist job and get it immediately while I cannot land a single white collar job out of 400 applications.

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