Admissions and Summer Community College Transfer Credit

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Admissions and Summer Community College Transfer Credit

Postby jusdel1 » Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:17 pm


I will be a junior in the fall, and I have 13 hours out of the 63 I have completed from a community college summer school. Unfourtnately, 7 out of that 13 hours are B's. However, the 6 hours that remain are As, and at my top public university I have ony gotten straight As, A-'s, and A+s. I went to LSAC GPA calculator and when you factor in my community college course Bs my GPA is 3.85. But with only my university GPA it's 4.03.

My transcript includes my community college grades :(

My question is this: Will my law school GPA only be from my University grades or ALL my grades?

Also, will admission committees look at me differently by the time I apply in FALL 2012 with 13 hours from a community college? By that time I will have competed 90 hours total, and I do not plan on taking anymore CC courses although I will have a semester of study abroad grades.

If anybody can reply back then that'll be great!


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Re: Admissions and Summer Community College Transfer Credit

Postby duckmoney » Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:23 pm

Yes, those Bs will factor into your LSAC GPA.

All the law schools will care about is that number, they won't care if the courses came from your university or not.

Sorry bro, no 4.03 for you. But your 3.85 should go up as you add more credits, assuming you keep making As.

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