LSAC Recommender & Evaluator or just 1 of them?

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LSAC Recommender & Evaluator or just 1 of them?

Postby notaznguy » Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:57 am

Hi, I'm not sure which one to select.

For the people I'm asking for my letters of rec, should I select as as "Recommender only" or "Recommender and Evaluator?"

Which one do most people do?

Also, is it okay to have multiple (i.e. 3) recommenders on file, but only submit 2 in my application?

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Re: LSAC Recommender & Evaluator or just 1 of them?

Postby Lawquacious » Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:12 am

The evaluation is an online form that you can have a professor or person doing the recommendation complete for you (if you select the person as an evaluator, then there is a button you can click to have LSAC generate an email to them with the needed info). Some law schools still don't accept evaluations, so if you are going to get someone to do an evaluation for you it is probably wise in most cases to also have them write you an actual recommendation letter (which they will send to LSAC with the LSAC form you print out and give them). If you are only asking someone to do a recommendation letter, then that is when you would put them down as recommender only. If both recommendation letter and online evaluation form, then put them for both. If you are only having them do the the online evaluation, then only select that option.

The evaluation thing is new within the last couple years. My impression is that it is a good idea to get an evaluation done by any person who you think sees you in a particularly favorable light, because the questions allow them to essentially check boxes indicating that "this is the smartest person I have ever seen" in the range of evaluative responses. If you aren't totally confident in how the person will respond to an evaluative survey (you can see the evaluation questions by clicking a link on LSAC), then I personally think it may be better to just have the person do a letter. Of course, you want to get the strongest recommendations/evaluations possible in any case. I think it makes sense to have most people do both, but it is more of a time commitment for them, so if you think it will be a bother for them then I would only ask for the the traditional recommendation letter rather than both.

And yes, once you fill out the application you can add any letters or evaluations you want, and leave any off any you want by selecting or not selecting them (except that, as I mentioned, some schools don't accept the evaluations at this point, and most schools do have a minimum of 2 letters you need to have sent with your app).

Hope that helps.

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