What should I say in my emails to profs for LOR? Help pls!!

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What should I say in my emails to profs for LOR? Help pls!!

Postby pppokerface » Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:28 pm

Hello everyone, I am so stressed out about this because I have been out of school for awhile and I don't want to "forget" to apply and put it off forever. I have 3 professors I want to ask for recommendations, and I would really really really appreciate it if you helped me out-What should I say for each of these professors
1.)This professor I met with months ago and said that she was busy. She told me that if she did not write me a rec by June to email her. I do not see the rec in LSAC, so what should I say? "Hello, I was wondering if you sent out a LOR to LSAC? Thank you!"
2.)This prof said that she was busy but she'd write me one in June. Not sure if she wants to meet or not. I said thank you and that I would contact her in June. Whats should I write in my email to her?
3.)This prof...no clue what to write at all-I wrote to him in March, 10 days later, he responded, saying that he wanted to meet and asked for LSAC form, resume, PS. I got sick and then had to deal with a job transition so I was super busy and stressed…didn't write back to him for 10 days (ugh I know! but I had to prepare my PS for him =(…)I wrote back explaining that I was ill and apologized, sent all my materials, didn't get a response. Then I wrote back to him around May 15 with all my materials, no response. I want to write again, not sure what I should say?
I do not want to be naggy or sound too crazy anxious (although I am) to any of them, but just that I want a recommendation from them before Sept 1 from at least 2 of them.
Thank you all so much for any help!


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Re: What should I say in my emails to profs for LOR? Help pls!!

Postby NonTradHealthLaw » Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:08 pm

Use this as an opportunity to update them with your own application journey. "My personal statement is almost composed, which I'm happy to let you read. Right now I'm compiling a list of schools I'd like to apply to, which is a daunting task, and ... ideally I'd like to have everything into lsac by Oct 1, so I can concentrate on [...]. Is there anything I can provide to you to help with composing the letter of recommendation? I know I've thanked you ad nauseum, but this really is appreciated."

Something like that is a guilt-free reminder. Don't get pushy until.September.

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