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Postby memphisbelle » Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:56 pm

Is anyone in here currently enrolled in/thinking about a combined JD/MBA program?

If you're enrolled, what do you think of it? How does the courseload compare with a straight JD program? I know that the semesters are generally divided between the business school and the law school, do you feel that they are balanced?

If you're thinking about it, what do you hope to do with the combined degrees?

If you're in the process or have done it, is it well received by potential employers? More or less than a JD?

I'm hoping to work in airline labor and employment law/business immigration for crew and staff. That would be a culmination of all of my WE/education thus far. I currently work in aviation and have worked in immigration law (paralegal/bilingual assistant). I studied French/Spanish in early UG. I realize that may be a bit too specific and that this will likely change by the time I complete my grad school studies.

Since so few airlines retain in-house council, I thought it might be better to approach this from a management standpoint. Having a legal background could only help I would think... Thoughts? Anyone have similar interests or experience?



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Postby bdubs » Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:01 pm

Your career goal is very specific. Talk to someone in that field and figure out what the best way to get there would be. My guess is that a JD/MBA is not it.

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