Deciding between low-ranked Law Schools

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Re: Deciding between low-ranked Law Schools

Postby rose711 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:48 am

By refusing to retake you are giving up on improving your chances to get into the best school you can. The law school you go to has a huge impact in starting out your career. You should not give up because you found the test too hard or too draining.

Law school is much harder than the single LSAT exam. If you can't deal with facing the LSAT again then I honestly don't think you are ready for law school.

Maybe you should consider getting a paralegal job somewhere so you can get some experience, save some money and start to understand what being a lawyer actually means.

You have to be tougher than this to be successful in law. I think you can improve your LSAT by following some of the tips on this site. Work hard at it - remember the school you attend is incredibly important to your future.

Do your best and don't give up.

If you refuse to do that, go to Toledo and stay out of debt.

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