Sending in a transcript

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Sending in a transcript

Postby gpnm » Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:36 pm

Hi All,

I had a quick question about sending in the transcript to LSAC:

I'm currently a junior, finishing up my undergrad next spring (2012). I've taken my first LSAT (157) in February, and will retake in June.
I'd like to start my apps as soon as possible (hope to start Fall 2012) but I'm just wondering, what do I do about my transcript? Meaning, when I'm in the process of applying, I still won't have all of my grades (since I'll have a semester or two left to go); so would I simply send updated transcripts to LSAC? To the law schools?
I'm just a little confused about how it works.

Anyone that can shed some light on this, thanks!


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Re: Sending in a transcript

Postby pleasepickme » Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:41 pm

You send in a transcript to LSAC probably after your last junior grades are in, and you apply with that. All the schools know that people coming straight through can't wait for all their undergrad grades to apply. Then send an updated transcript to LSAC after you get more grades, and they'll send out an update to the schools. Some schools may ask for it directly, but most of the time, just send it to LSAC.

In the future, it's helpful to search existing threads before you post, since this question has been asked many times. Thanks!

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