Discipline Addenda Questions

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Discipline Addenda Questions

Postby bmb09 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:45 pm

Need to send in an addendum or two regarding university discipline and interactions with the law. If I combine them both into one addendum it runs almost a full page. Thoughts on keeping them combined or separating University Discipline from Legal Issues to have two shorter addenda? Also, any general feedback on the content (i.e. specificity, tone) is welcome. Thanks.

Spring 2006 – Honor Code Violation (Guilty), [University], Freshman

I was charged with an Honor Code Violation that stemmed from an interview I provided to the [University's Judicial Office] in conjunction with their investigation into hazing allegations against [My Fraternity], of which I was a New Member at the time. I was not entirely honest in my interview and was subsequently charged when that fact came to light. I fulfilled all requirements placed upon me by the University following this incident and was restored to good standing. Apart from this instance, I have been honest and forthright in all prior and succeeding interactions with the University and its representatives.

Fall 2006 – Alcohol Violation (Guilty), [University], Freshman

I was charged with an alcohol violation for having beer cans in my room. As a result I was required to attend an instructional seminar provided by the University on alcohol and drug abuse. This was my last disciplinary interaction with the University.

Summer 2007 – Underage Possession (Dismissed) & Trespassing (“Nolle Prossed”), [Jurisdiction 1]

I was cited for underage possession of alcohol and trespassing for being in the park bordering my family’s property after dark while in possession of alcohol. The trespassing charge was “nolle prossed” and the underage possession charge was dismissed a few months later through a first-time-offender “deferred adjudication” program.

Fall 2009 – Trespassing (“Nolle Prossed”), [Jurisdiction 2]

I was on the porch of a friend’s apartment in [Jurisdiction 2]. There were several people drinking, some of whom were underage. The police arrived and began to cite people for open containers and underage possession. The host disappeared at this time and was unreachable. Those of us not cited for alcohol-related offenses were charged with trespassing as there was no resident around to confirm that we were invited guests. All trespassing charges were subsequently “nolle prossed” at the initial hearing by the citing officer’s request.

Winter 2009 – Speeding (Guilty), [Jurisdiction 2]

I was charged with Reckless Driving (80 in a 60). The judge reduced the charge from Reckless Driving to a Speeding infraction. I paid fines and costs totaling $156.00. This is the only mark on my driving record.

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Re: Discipline Addenda Questions

Postby txadv11 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:27 pm

PM'ed you.

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